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Meet our team

Vinicius Alonso

Role: Customer Service Team

Ask Vinicius About: Cycling in Dublin’s parks and greenways especially the Phoenix Park - the largest enclosed park in Europe.

Vinicius Likes: Traveling around Europe and learning about different cultures

Languages : Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, English

Nathan Fitzmaurice

Role: Customer Service Team

Ask Nathan About: Sporting fixtures around Dublin!

Nathan Likes: In his spare time Nathan enjoys swimming, sports and keeping up with current affairs from around the world.

Languages : French, English

Agnes Jonasz

Role: Customer Service Team

Ask Agnes About: Anything to do with Dublin or the best natural spots around Ireland to travel to!

Agnes Likes: Strolling around Dublin’s many off the beaten track areas and side streets and being inspired to sketch and draw.

Languages : Polish, English

Thiago Braz

Role: Customer Service Team

Ask Thiago About: Sporting venues and attractions around Dublin including the GAA Museum and the Aviva Stadium.

Thiago Likes: Sports (ask Thiago about his time working with the Rio 2016 Olympic Games), from soccer to water polo to table tennis.

Languages : French, Portuguese, Spanish, English

Barbara Flynn

Role: Customer Service Team

Ask Barbara About: Barbara has worked in the Dublin Tourism industry for 16 years and is a fully qualified Dublin Tour Guide so ask Barbara anything!

Barbara Likes: Travelling the world – after Dublin, the Caribbean, Egypt and Turkey are among Barbara’s favourite destinations!

Languages : Italian, English

Cian Kelly

Role: Customer Service Team

Ask Cian About: All things Dublin but Cian has a special knowledge on live music venues around Dublin.

Cian Likes: When not enjoying a night of live music Cian loves to spend time hiking in Wicklow’s National Park.

Languages : English

Jamie Hedderman

Role: Customer Service Team Supervisor

Ask Jamie About: All things Dublin but Dublin Nightlife and Dublin’s best coffee spots - if you want to know about some hidden gem coffee shops ask Jamie!

Jamie Likes: In her spare time Jamie enjoys travelling around the world and learning about new cultures and food

Languages : English

Niamh Malone

Role: Customer Service Team Supervisor

Ask Niamh About: As a local Dubliner you can ask Niamh anything from directions to Dublin’s attractions and best shopping spots.

Niamh Likes: Shopping, travelling, cinema.

Languages : English

Hannah Gannon

Role: Customer Service Team

Ask Hannah About: Ask a Dubliner born and bred you can ask Hannah anything about Dublin. Classical music lovers – Hannah has the information you’re looking for in terms of whats on and where!

Hannah Likes: Hannah is studying music so it’s no surprise here interests include singing, playing the violin, guitar and also piano.

Languages : French, English

Anita Bolta

Role: Customer Service Team

Ask Anita About: All things cultural about Dublin (Anita worked as a tour guide in Croatia).

Anita Likes: Soaking up the culture and traditions while travelling.

Languages : Croatian, French, Italian, English

San Peric

Role: Customer Service Team

Ask San About: Music, movies, art and culture!

San Likes: He loves Dublin for its multiculturalism, open kindness, friendly locals and wide range of cultural happenings in the city. If you want to know best spots to hear live music in Dublin, need music or record shops, theatres, cinemas and art galleries - San is the man you need to talk to.

Languages : English & Croatian