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Meet our team

Vinicius Alonso

Role: Brand Ambassador

Ask Vinicius About: The best attractions to do and see around Dublin, and the best pubs to visit while in Dublin!

Vinicius Likes: Cycling in Dublin’s parks and greenways especially Phoenix Park!

Languages : Portuguese, Italian, Spanish and English

Agnieszka Jonasz

Role: Brand Ambassador

Ask Agnieszka About: Living in Dublin for several years, you can ask her about nice natural spots and must see things around the city or in Ireland. She too has the inside scoop on all live concerts and shows in Dublin.

Agnieszka Likes: Outdoor activities and long walks in the park, and I love a good book!

Languages : Polish and English

Anita Bolta

Role: Retail Supervisor

Ask Anita About: All the best attractions related to Dublin’s history and culture.

Anita Likes: She loves travelling and learning about other cultures whenever there is a chance to do so.

Languages : Croatian, French, Italian, Spanish and English

Thiago Braz

Role: Brand Ambassador

Ask Thiago About: Recommendations for one or two day tours around Ireland! He loves to go to new places in Ireland and discover new treasures. If you are looking to get out of the city for a day or two he is your man!

Thiago Likes: Travelling and sport. Being Brazilian I am mad about soccer!

Languages : Portuguese, English, Spanish

Barbara Flynn

Role: Brand Ambassador

Ask Barbara About: Barbara has worked in the Dublin Tourism industry for 16 years’ and is a fully qualified Dublin Tour Guide so you can ask Barbara anything! She really does know it all!

Barbara Likes: Travelling the world and meeting new people from all over the world and learning more about their culture and why they visited Ireland.

Languages : Gaelic and English

David Cullen

Role: Brand Ambassador

Ask David About: David can tell you everything you need to know in Dublin - going from the best city tours, to the best pubs in town.

David Likes: As a viking/irish man, David loves listening to metal music and spending time with his friends and family.

Languages : English

David Redmond

Role: Brand Ambassador

Ask David About: David loves travelling and everything sport related. He can advise you on what to do as a true Dubliner.

David Likes: David is a man of simple tastes - And as an Irishman, he loves to make all visitors feel at home!

Languages : English

Karolina Hajscewicz

Role: Retail Supervisor

Ask Karolina About: If you are coming to Dublin to look for cultural and social events, please ask Karolina! Music, movies, comedy - Karolina will be always happy to assist you with any enquires!

Karolina Likes: music, movies and books.

Languages : English, Polish

Rafael Rios

Role: Brand Ambassador

Ask Rafael About: The best museums, where to eat, how to get to others main cities in Ireland, nature, places to visit and enjoy and a bit about the history of the Dublin.

Rafael Likes: As a spaniard, he loves flamenco music. He also loves art, literature, politics' history and nature.

Languages : Spanish, English

Conor Malone

Role: Brand Ambassador

Ask Conor About: Whenever Conor isn't spending time with his family, you'll see him at rock or electro music festivals.

Conor Likes: Conor is very attached to his home city, Dublin. In fact Phil Linott, Dublin's sweetheart is his favorite singer and he'll be happy to share his passion with you!

Languages : Gaelic, English

Jacob Klein

Role: Brand Ambassador

Ask Jacob About: Jacob is quite a big traveller and Dublin is his favorite place to be. "Life's hard, let people have fun" he says, so you can count on him to find the best attractions in Dublin.

Jacob Likes: Jacob loves playing music and listening to blues! If you ever meet him, ask him about festivals and fish and chips!

Languages : English, Spanish

Mario Greco

Role: Brand Ambassador

Ask Mario About: Anything, he will do his best to help you! He loves music so you should ask him where to listen live music and different event venues. He too has the inside scoop on Dublin’s rock n roll scene.

Mario Likes: Music!!!!!

Languages : Italian, Spanish, English

Karla Dragic

Role: Brand Ambassador Team Leader

Ask Karla About: History, hidden gems, art and whatever pops to your mind, if she doesn't know the answer, she knows how to find it!

Karla Likes: Exploring new places and have a real passion for fashion and accessories!

Languages : Croatian, English

Aline Telles

Role: Brand Ambassador

Ask Aline About: Cool places to go in Dublin and Ireland, directions and where you must visit

Aline Likes: Music, photography and travelling.

Languages : Portuguese, English

Igor Pildek

Role: Brand Ambassador

Ask Igor About: Directions in Dublin and what to do, Igor may not know it all but he will be more than happy to help you!

Igor Likes: Technology.

Languages : Croatian, English

Amanda Carroll

Role: Human Resources Generalist

Ask Amanda About: Want to join a fast pace team who are customer oriented and love to share knowledge about Dublin? Then be to reach out to her!

Amanda Likes: As a real Irish woman, Amanda can’t say no to Italian food. Pizza is her favourite dish!!

Languages : English

Brian Leonard

Role: Digital Sales Executive

Ask Brian About: As a local Dubliner, you can ask Brian anything from directions, to the best-hidden places to eat and drink around the city. He too can tell you where to take the perfect selfie!

Brian Likes: From soccer to traditional Irish games, Brian has an interest in almost every sport! He too is a big fan of his beloved Manchester United!

Languages : English

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