Dublin’s Vegan Foodie Festival Returns To Dublin - Dublin Visitor Centre

Dublin’s Vegan Foodie Festival Returns To Dublin

A long-awaited comeback!

The Vegan Foodie Festival will return to Dublin for the third time at the end of this month. It will give all plant-based diet lovers to discover the best of the city’s vegan businesses.

Selected restaurants, eateries and vegan-friendly places across the city will create special menus or special offers for the event. Participants will engage with the festival by visiting places, eating delicious foods, sharing their experiences on social media and voting best dishes! Festival will highlight the many benefits and flavors of plant-based eating and show how easy and delicious it is to choose vegan options and kinder foods.

The goal of the Vegan Foodie Festival is to introduce people to new vegan things and places while stimulating vegan-friendly local businesses, build greater public awareness through participation and make more vegans (and animals) happy.


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Tickets cost €2 (plus a 50 cent booking fee) and entitle you to all special offers, menus, and discounts.

Amongst the participating restaurants are:

Sova Food Vegan Butcher
McGuinness’s Takeaway
V Temple Bar
Aperitivo Dublin
Veggie Vibe Café
WokeCup Café
The Bombay Pantry
Brother Hubbard North
ThunderRoad Café
Bowls Healthy Eating


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Vegan Foodie Festival It’s a celebration of the wonderful mix of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants on offer in the City. Vegan foodies are being encouraged to enjoy a world of culinary adventure with new menus and offers. We are challenging vegan diners to ‘try something new’, so we’re hoping that people will be up for sampling some new dishes and styles of food.

​Participating restaurants, take away’s and cafes will be offering new set menus, discounts, and other special offers.

Keep an eye on the Vegan Foodie Festival website for updates.


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