Dublin Zoo Welcomes 13 Adorable New Piglets - Dublin Visitor Centre

Dublin Zoo Welcomes 13 Adorable New Piglets

Piglets Alert!

Thirteen Tamworth piglets have made their debut at Dublin Zoo and they are the cutest thing ever!

The piglets, who were born in November, are in great health! How could the Dublin Zoo keep it from us for so long? They can be seen every day at the Family Farm.

On their official Instagram, Dublin Zoo posted a picture of the little cuties and it looks like they are growing fairly quickly since arriving into the world a couple of months back!

According to That’s Farming magazine, the Tamworth is considered one of Britain’s oldest pure breeds, with resemblance to the Old English Forest Pig. The breed is ideally suited to living outdoors all year round in extensive management systems. They can even adapt to the cold adverse weather conditions of Scotland and Canada.

To see them yourselves, be sure to book your ticket here.

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