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Our Weather Isn’t Showing Signs of Improvement

Dublin weather is not looking promising.

Despite the storm being over, and a new week beginning, we are still feeling the aftermath of Storm Dennis. Hundreds of homes and business across Ireland are without power this morning, according to the ESB.

Ranelagh and Blackrock are some of the areas in Dublin that are affected. However, the largest power outages were found in Cork, Mayo, Offaly, and Kildare.



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The good news is that the storm itself seems to have largely dissipated, but the bad news is that we are instead expecting to be cold and wet throughout the week.

Perfect time to go for a holiday? We certainly think so.

After a cold and windy Monday, there is a potential of hail and thunder the following day, with temperatures reportedly set to drop to -1°C during the night.



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Wednesday will bring much heavier rain, followed by a drier but colder Thursday. An early prediction for Friday and the rest of the weekend is large amounts of rain, with increased risks of spot flooding.

I’m sure you’re all aware of how tumultuous Dublin weather can be, so make sure you’re all armed with umbrellas.


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