Top 5 things to do in Dublin


  1. Visit Dublin Zoo. This is guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment for any family visiting Dublin. Located in Dublin’s Phoenix Park, it isn’t hard to get to from the City centre. From the reptile house to the African Plains it has numerous types of wildlife to see, and the kids are sure to love it. There are picnic benches located around the site as well as restaurants and refreshment kiosks. More information can be found on the Dublin Zoo website
  2. Visit the Leprechaun Museum. This is located just beside the City centre’s Jervis street Shopping Centre and is perfect for adults and kids alike. The museum describes itself as a national cultural entertainment centre that looks to fill visitors in on old Irish folklore and mythology. There are plenty of interactive activities for all the family to enjoy here including what it would feel like to be in a leprechaun sized world! More information can be found here .
  3. Experience the tour in the famous Croke Park, home of Gaelic Games. Croke Park is a national treasure in Ireland as it is home to our national games, including Gaelic football and Hurling. A tour of the entire facility is available and is family friendly. The tour has interactive exhibits in its museum, but what is sure to keep the kids attention is the Etihad Skyline Walkway Tour. This tour brings you 44 metres above the ground on a safe walkway with an experienced guide. It is 0.6 kilometres long and has five stages in which you stop to look around and see Dublin from a magnificent aerial view. With a height restriction of 1.2 metres however, some children may not be able to participate. 
  4. Go to the Museum of Natural History.  Known affectioinately by Dubliners as the  ‘Dead Zoo’, This museum has many exhibits of wildlife from all over the globe, past and present that are sure to grab children’s attention. With admission being free it is a must do for any family visiting Dublin.
  5. Go to the National Aquatic Centre. This aquatic centre is located in Blanchardstown in Dublin 15 which is only a 30-40 minute bus journey from the city centre if you take the 38 or 38a Dublin bus from O’Connell Street. The Aquatic Centre has plenty of slides and water activities for all ages which are guaranteed to make for a fun time for all the family. The centre is located beside a big shopping centre with lots of restaurants and shops, so the trip would be a worthwhile one.

2 thoughts on “Top 5 things to do in Dublin

  1. David Webb

    I am planning a trip to Ireland in late November. I don’t know my exact itinerary yet. Will I have problems booking hotels or B&B on a daily basis? I can’t be sure where I will be from day to day.

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

  2. Brian

    Hi David, How are you? You should be fine booking places to stay a few days in advance in November outside of Dublin. There are some really big Rugby internationals on the weekends of the 8th, 16th & 22nd so accommodation in Dublin will be booked solid for them. I’d recommend either staying a little outside the city centre or planning your days in Dublin and working the rest of your stay around them. I hope this helps, have a great holiday & stop by the Dublin Visitor Centre shop while you’re here.

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