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Top 3 pubs in Dublin City Centre for atmosphere

Dublin Pubs are world famous, a city isn’t really a city until it has at least one.


Dublin city is full of them and they are all great….really all of them!

But which are The Top 3 pubs in Dublin City Centre for atmosphere?

  1. O’Neill’s on Suffolk St. is a large tradition Dublin pub will lots going on, you can get great pub grub, listen to some traditional Irish music or get lost in its many nooks and crannies. Popular with tourists and locals alike this pub has a great atmosphere and the mixed crowd always gives it something special.
  2. Bowe’s on Fleet St. in a Traditional Victorian pub in Dublin city centre. This pub has been around for a long time and is known as the local haunt for journalists from the Irish Times. It’s the quiet sort of pub in which you can read a paper or have a nice chat without shouting, no matter what time of the day. Highly recommend for those looking for an authentic Dublin experience.
  3. Doyle’s, also on Fleet St. is one for the young. This Dublin pub had music pumping on 3 floors and with it being right across from Trinity College Dublin, the cliental are mostly students. Again it’s a pub to get lost in, with lots of back stairs and winding corridors. The Atmosphere is charged with fun and energy meaning Doyle’s is a great place to end a good night out.

Whichever Dublin Pub you choose, relax and enjoy the atmosphere that making them all so special.

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