This Valentine's Themed Party Will Save You From Tinder - Dublin Visitor Centre

This Valentine’s Themed Party Will Save You From Tinder

An interesting alternative to online dating.

Inspired by the various star signs, this Valentine’s gathering in Tailors Hall, Back Lane, Dublin 8 is full of mysticism and is one that any budding romantic should give a go.

Guests are encouraged to take a sip of their love potion and ‘let the cosmos guide them to find a soul mate, meet a compatible companion or face their twin flame.’

Whatever that means.



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In order to make the experience more personal, guests are encouraged to dress according to their star signs. Let the four elements (fire, water, earth and air) define your costume and become as glitzy and glamorous as you possibly can. If there ever was a time, this is it.

So, turning up in a tracksuit and a pair of runners is not advisable.

With various features such as an ‘Edible Art Station’ and a ‘Cuddle Puddle Blanket Fort’, this is something you cannot miss.



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‘We are calling all Leos to be their lavish-selves, Scorpios to throw their infamous shade and cancers to bring an extra pack of kleenex for the crying circle.’

Obviously, crying on your own at home is overrated.

There are still some tickets left, which cost just over 27€. Get yours here before it’s too late.

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