The Lidl in Fortunestown has reopened - Dublin Visitor Centre

The Lidl in Fortunestown has reopened!

The shop was bulldozed with a stolen digger.

Lidl has reopened a new, store in Fortunestown following its destruction in February during Storm Emma.

The shop opened for business on Thursday (today) following four months of construction, after it was torn apart by people during the storming months earlier this year.

The new store has seen it’s size increase by 70%, allowing consumers’  to enjoy more freedom and a better shopping experience according to Lidl Ireland.

It also has more parking spaces, additional tills and wider shopping aisles… it is about time if you ask us!

After the damaged caused in February, six individuals were arrested, which resulted in the store being looted, while other attempts were also made to break into a safe that was stolen from the premises. If we remember correctly there was a JCB there at one point… Absolute Madness!

Luckily they did not manage to get their hands on any cash, but the damaged caused was so severe that the store had to be demolished.

But like a phoenix from the ashes, it has been reborn and now looks better than ever! Let’s hope this one lasts a little longer this time around!

Following the incident, members of staff in Lidl were redeployed to other stores in the area. These staff members along with nine new recruits have now returned to the newly opened Fortunestown store.


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