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The future of the last Georgian House is in danger

We could about to say goodbye to the last Georgian House on O’Connell Street

After surviving various wars and revolts, No 42 on O’Connell Street is at risk from neglect.

According to the Irish Times, the long delays in the redevelopment of the old Carlton cinema place is playing on the future of this gorgeous Georgian House.

In the beginning, this house was built by Luke Gardiner around the 1750’s. Since that moment, this exceptional place survived rebellion and even the war. However, the stunning interior has been vacant for a while and it deteriorated a lot…

The houses beside it were demolished during the 1960’s to build the Royal Hotel Dublin. And No 42 was meant to be incorporated to this hotel but was, in the end, left intact.

A few years ago, shopping centre plans were made from the Carlton Cinema area to Moore Street. Nevertheless, number 42 was left standing because it is a protected structured.

The building today:

In 2015, UK property group Hammerson took over a number of Chartered Land assets, including the Carlton site, as part of the Nama portfolio known as Project Jewel. In 2016, it secured a five-year extension of the planning permission for the shopping centre, but it is likely to submit a fresh application for the site later this year, following the appointment of a new architect last year (Credit:Irish Times)

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