Soder+Ko - When West Meets East! - Dublin Visitor Centre

Soder+Ko – When West Meets East!

Fusing Scandinavian simplicity with Asian taste sensation!

I’m in a bit of a quandary! After discovering an amazing new eatery last week, part of me wants to keep it all to myself so it keeps that special atmosphere you can only find in a real hidden gem. I have however sworn a sacred oath to the Dublin Visitor Centre to uncover the coolest places to hang out and eat in Dublin, so hot off the press read on to see how I go on!

Last week I decided to head up to George’s Street for a bite to eat. With so many excellent restaurants including Brasserie 66, Rustic Stone, Acapulco and San Lorenzo I was guaranteed to get a tasty lunch. Soder+Ko is the new kid on the George’s Street Gastro Block and as a curious foodie I had to try it. Initially I was intrigued, and slightly sceptical, about the concept of fusing Scandinavian and Asian food! However, I have been completely converted by Scandasian cuisine!

While the name ‘Express Lunch’ might convey the idea of plastic cutlery and paper plates, Soder+Ko’s Express Lunch is a visually appealing cross between Tapas Style dishes and a Bento Box complete with real crockery and cutlery! Despite being a confirmed carnivore and a fairly unadventurous fish eater, I was powerless to resist the charms of the ‘Fish Express Meal’ and I am delighted I went for this option.  Lunch consisted of a bowl of Cured Salmon with white radish, a delicious ‘Prawn Ceviche’, Ko Broth, steamed white rice with al dente green beans, all accompanied by a serving dish of Oyster Sauce.  I was in foodie heaven and I could quite happily have stayed for the day.  I am already planning my return to try out the meat and vegetable Express Dishes which looked pretty good.

The downside of Lunch……. Well being honest I found it hard to go back to work after such an amazing taste sensation! Soder+Ko has an elegantly chic vibe which would be perfect for a date night or pre-theatre bite to eat. I was intrigued by the quirky cocktail menu and scrumptious food pairings.

After a busy day of sightseeing, Soder+Ko is the perfect place to enjoy a beautiful mid-priced meal in elegant surroundings. As it’s located in the heart of the Creative Quarter you’ll be spoiled for a place to finish the night with a night cap.

For more information on great places to eat visit our where to eat in Dublin section or stop by and say hello to the Dublin Visitor Centre team, the friendliest tourist information team in Dublin.

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