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Ryanair set to cancel 250 more flights as pilots in Germany strike

Here we go again….

Ryanair has cancelled 250 more flights for this Friday after pilots in Germany revealed they are going on strike, along with their colleagues in Ireland, Belgium and Sweden.

This brings the total number of flights that will be grounded on Friday to 396 flights and will result in a 24-hour stoppage. As pilots in The Netherlands will decide if they too will join the industrial action parade on Friday.

It is said that all Ryanair flights scheduled to depart from German airports during this time will be affected with an overwhelming 96% wishing to partake in industrial action as they look for improvements in pay and working conditions across the board.

Affected customers will be notified by 3 pm today and can get a refund and/or a booking on an alternative flight.

Let’s hope you are not going to Germany soon…

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