Ryanair Warn of More Cancellations - Dublin Visitor Centre

Ryanair has warned of even more strikes

Oh Crap…

Are you planning to fly with Ryanair soon, well here comes more bad news!

You will have to be careful if you have decided to leave Ireland this summer, as you might not make it back, as the lads and ladies at Ryanair A.K.A. their pilots’ are planning more strikes. Why, as talks have still not been successful.

If the situation remains deadlocked and strikes persist, Ryanair will have to cancel flights departing from Ireland. But don’t worry, customers will be contacted in advance – great news, I know (insert sarcasm here)!. Do remember that if your flight is cancelled the airline must offer a full refund or a rerouting on the next available flight.

Michael O’Leary has also said the following: “We cannot allow our customers’ flights to be unnecessarily disrupted by a tiny minority of pilots”. In other words, if nothing changes soon there will be job losses…



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