Pics: Students Demand Change in Global Climate Strike - Dublin Visitor Centre

Pics: Students Demand Change in Global Climate Strike

Who runs the world? Young people!

The crowds in Dublin City for the climate change strike were absolutely massive today! Thousands of people around the city but also the whole country are taking part in strikes to demand change of attitude from the government towards climate issues!

Students from schools and colleges across Ireland took off to the streets in order to support the movement.

“Today we strike alongside these people globally to ensure one thing, our future,” the 14-year-old student said.

Protests have been taking place today in Dublin, Cork, Waterford, Galway, Louth as well as other areas around the country.

Check out some of the pics below:


Here are a few more shots from the strike in other parts of the world:





It is your turn to act, governments!

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