New Irish whiskey brand has been launched in Dublin - Dublin Visitor Centre

New Irish whiskey brand has been launched in Dublin

Have you tasted Natterjack whiskey?

Last week, a brand-new whiskey has been launched in Dublin. The Gortinore Distillers company use a method of mixing American & Irish techniques. The order is to create a unique flavour with their own traditions, skills and the best raw materials.

The CEO and founder of Gortinore Distillers, Aidan Mehigan, has said that “Natterjack is an elegant answer for the next generation of whiskey drinkers. We’ve set out to marry the knowledge from both sides of the Atlantic, to create a unique fusion of Irish and American whiskey traditions. We’re a whiskey company doing things differently, going against the industry trends and creating the best whiskey that we possibly can.”

Gortinore Distillers will soon distribute The Natterjack Whiskey in China, United States, United Kingdom and Europe.

You can already try it in different local bars, or you can buy a bottle for only €48!!!



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