Tayto have launched a Spice Bag Flavour - Dublin Visitor Centre

Its official – Tayto have launched a Spice Bag Flavour

All takeaways are set to go out of business…

There is bit of a buzz today, as people across Ireland visiting their local supermarkets may begin to start noticing something new in the crisps aisle.

Yes, this is not a drill – The clever guys and girls at Tayto have released a limited edition Spice Bag flavour.

That’s right: Tayto has finally delivered on their promise to release a limited edition Spice Bag flavour. And our team were straight to the shops to savoy its great taste!

And for those of you who are wondering where this new flavour came from, it is, of course, the result of a public poll that Tayto did back in early 2018, giving their customers the chance to vote for a new, ‘quintessentially Irish flavour’. The Spice Bag ended up taking 51% of the vote!

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