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Hot Whiskeys and Snugs

 Hot Whiskeys and Snugs are a match made in Heaven!

A traditional hot whiskey is the perfect antidote for a chilly Autumnal or Winter evening. If you are heading out to enjoy a hot whiskey, there is nothing like settling into a snug and watching the world go by. In order to enjoy the quintessential experience, grab one of the prize seats in Dublin’s snugs. These small enclosed rooms were historically used as a place for people who would prefer not to be seen in a Public Par such as Discrete Ladies, Off Duty Gardai or Coy lovers! A traditional snug should always include a hatch to the bar, which make it the perfect place to enjoy a hot beverage on a cold day or night.

Top 3 Snugs in Dublin

  • While O’Neills Pub is renowned for their legendary carvery, you can also enjoy a hot whiskey or two to banish the Winter cold. Their Barmen and Women are ‘old school’ and they have  perfected the art in art of making a perfect hot whiskey! The stained glass windows, dark oak furniture will remind you of bygone years.
  • The Stags Head in Dame Court is one of Dublin’s hidden gems and a great place to enjoy a hot whiskey. This Pub is always extremely busy so the snug is an oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle. This well preserved Victorian pub features mounted stag heads  wrought-iron chandeliers,old barrels and ceiling-high mirrors.
  • After a busy day shopping on Grafton Street, head to Toners on Baggot Street for a fantastic hot whiskey in their award winning snug. Apparently Irish Wordsmith W.B. Yeats claimed that that this snug was the only place he would consider drinking a hot whiskey. So if its’ good enough for this legendary wordsmith … well good enough for us.

Enjoying a hot whiskey at home?

At home and fancy a hot whiskey? Check out my top tips in making the perfect Hot Whiskey:(Spot the ex-bar worker and Hot Whiskey aficionado).

  • Place a teaspoon in the glass  and heat up the glass with boiling water. This will ensure that your hot whiskey maintain its’ perfect temperature.
  • Stud a lemon with Cloves to flavour and sweeten to taste with some brown Sugar.
  • While Powers is the traditional whiskey to use, Teelings whiskey is a great substitute.
  • Those with a sweeter tooth can make a hot toddy by replacing your boiling water with warm lemonade.

There you have it, Hot whiskey’s are far too nice to reserve for Funerals and Sore Throats. Enjoy a hot whiskey at home or in one of Dublin’s legendary snugs.

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