Hard Working Class Heroes Festival - Dublin Visitor Centre

Hard Working Class Heroes Festival

Hard Working Class Heroes is a great little city centre music festival on this weekend, 2-4th of October. The Festival is on in 7 main venues and showcases the best of the touring indie scene in Ireland and beyond. HWCH includes loads of free gigs to! Places like, Brother Hubbard, Jo Burger & the Powerscourt Centre will feature some great up and coming acts which will be a surprise to those not used to seeing live gigs in their local cafe. One of the best venues is Meeting house Square in Temple Bar, which will be featuring ‘Fight Like Apes’ on Saturday Night. You can get Tickets for all venues for 1 or 2 nights, they are 20 beans for each night, what a value!

Dublin Market Is Doing Free Home Delivery

Blackrock Market is doing free home delivery.

Free Meals To Doctors And Nurses Treating Coronavirus Patients In The Vintage Kitchen

A selfless and generous offer for people treating Coronavirus.

Due to COVID19 we have closed all services until further notice