Guinness Amplify - Dublin Visitor Centre

Guinness Amplify

It is part of our culture and part of our fame. The Irish love music and Dublin is a hotbed of small gigs, impromptu sing-alongs and street buskers. One of my favourite things is to just walk Grafton Street and listen to the array of musical talent on display. In many other city’s they’d be shuffled off the street; in Dublin they block it with crowds of attentive listeners and the passers-by don’t seem to mind…too much.

This weekend it all moves indoors as Guinness Amplify hits the capital for a last hurray. After touring the country’s pubs, Guinness Amplify will be filling nearly every local in the city with an up and coming act. You can check the listings and pick where you’d like to go, or just ramble around and see what you discover. The amount of acts on is astounding and it will all lead to a staged event early next year for the best in show. Just like last week’s Hard Working Class Heroes Festival, Dublin is set to a new soundtrack for a new day. Guinness Amplify runs from the 9th-12th of October.

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