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‘Fast Fashion’ Waste – Clothes To Be Banned From Rubbish Bins

We must radically change our wasteful use!

Over 200kg of waste packaging, 59kg of which is plastic is generated per person annually in Ireland.

‘Fast fashion’ has expanded the size of our wardrobes in recent years, but when clothes and textiles are thrown away they contribute to the country’s massive waste issues. Minister for the Environment Richard Bruton has proposed a ban on dumping clothes in rubbish bins in a move to help reduce the country’s ‘fast fashion’ waste problem.

Some of the planned actions include clearer recycling labels on packaging, extending the range of recyclables collected in household bins and a ban on non-recyclable packaging.  Another measure that might come into play is VAT reduction on reuse and repair enterprises to lower the country’s throw-away habits and addiction.

Speaking out against waste management, he took to Twitter to say:

“I am determined to address how we manage our waste as part of the government’s Climate Action Plan. We must radically change our wasteful use of precious resources that damage our climate. Key targets are plastic waste, food waste, single-use waste – fast fashion, plastic straws.”

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