Eat, Drink & be merry on Dublin’s Tapas Trail - Dublin Visitor Centre

Eat, Drink & be merry on Dublin’s Tapas Trail

An evening for food culture vultures

Laura from the Dublin Visitor Centre volunteered to do Dublin’s Tapas Trail so she could let all you lovely folk know a little more about what’s hot to trot on Dublin’s food scene.

I have lived in Dublin for over 14 years and consider myself knowledgeable about the city and its culinary delights. After a few hours Tapas Trail guide Richard, I know a whole lot more! He’s a fountain of knowledge about Dublin and was able to point out a lot of quirky facts and give you the lowdown on the stories that didn’t quite make the news. Added to this he introduced me to some of the most delicious food I’ve had in years. All that aside and entertaining as Richard was the food was the real star of the show on this food and wine guided tour – sorry Richard!

First off we went to La Dolce Vita in Cows Lane, a first for me, and somewhere I will definitely return to. A massive platter of Crostini was served with different toppings including five different cheeses (the Chili infused cheese was my favourite), salad, olives, smoked meats and freshly baked breads served with a nice glass of Chianti.

From ‘Italy’ we went onto ‘Mexico’ and Cactus Jacks. Another large glass of wine was on offer, but I prudently stuck to a sparkling water and tucked into the Mexican Tapas – vegetarian, meat and fish platters were on offer from Guacamole, Nachos and Mushrooms in a White Wine sauce. I’d have gone back for seconds and stayed the night if Richard hadn’t mentioned the next stop, Cuba.

From Cactus Jack’s, via the Millennium Walkway, we meandered up to heavenly Havana Tapas Bar accompanied by Richard’s entertaining stories. I really didn’t think I could eat more until a generous glass of  Rioja helped wash down the yummy plates of fig jam tortilla, duck in filo pastry, goats cheese and spinach pastry, delicious roasted almonds.

There is something innately social about sharing food. We were with a lovely American couple and after the first glass of wine the whole group, nine of us in all, were chatting away with the conversation flowing freely. I loved the personal nature of the tour – at every place the owner / manager came out to greet us and we were seated and served immediately on arrival in restaurants that were packed to the rafters. You can tell that Richard really enjoys his job, he has a wonderful free and easy manner and even joined us for a drink in a nearby pub when the tour finished. The Tapas Trail is a definite thumbs up from me for locals and visitors alike.  Don’t just take our word for it – check out this cool tapas video! 

Top Tip: Make sure you bring a healthy appetite!

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