Dublin’s First Trans Pride Parade is Saturday - Dublin Visitor Centre

Dublin’s First Trans Pride Parade to be held Tomorrow

Dublin’s First Trans Pride Parade to be held Tomorrow

Dublin’s first ever Trans Pride Parade will take place this weekend, which organisers hope will give momentum to the trans-rights movement in Ireland.

And organisations taking part in the march include Trans Pride Northern Ireland, United Against Racism and the Siptu LGBT Network. With the event set up to highlight trans issues like healthcare, transphobic violence and many other issues people are not aware of, with the overall mission being to give confidence to the trans community and allowing them the space to have their voices heard.

With organisers of Trans Pride beliving Dublin Pride has forgotten its origins as a protest march against discrimination and is now used as a marketing gimmick for businesses. With organisers insisting that Trans Pride won’t follow the same path (credit:irishtimes.com)

Trans Pride will take place on Saturday, July 28th starting at 2 pm outside Liberty Hall and will finish at Fairview Park where a final rally will be held.


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