The Dublin Theatre Festival - Dublin Visitor Centre

The Dublin Theatre Festival

At the Heart of Dublin’s Festival Season

The Dublin Theatre Festival is in full swing, with an amazing line up of outstanding plays being staged across the city. The Festival, running since 1957, is the oldest specialized theatre festival in Europe and balances the best of international theatre with works by Ireland’s leading playwrights. This year is no exception with an amazing line up including, ‘Ganesh Versus the Third Reich’ (part of the Australian season) been one of the most eye catching titles.  On the Irish side, ‘The Mariner‘, a tale reflecting on World War I by Irish author Hugo Hamilton has its world premiere at the Gate Theatre. The Dublin Theatre Festival has events and shows for people of all tastes and ages; check there listings for more details and get out there and see something before it’s all over on the 12th of October.

Dublin Market Is Doing Free Home Delivery

Blackrock Market is doing free home delivery.

Free Meals To Doctors And Nurses Treating Coronavirus Patients In The Vintage Kitchen

A selfless and generous offer for people treating Coronavirus.

Due to COVID19 we have closed all services until further notice