Don't miss the "super snow moon" this week - Dublin Visitor Centre

Don’t miss the “super snow moon” this week

Don’t miss the brightest moon of the year…

Get your camera at the ready…

After the ‘super wolf blood moon’ we had earlier this year in Ireland, it is now the turn of the super snow one!

Today (the 19th of February), will be the day of the second of three super moons expected this year. FYI; the last one is planned on the 21st of March, save that date!

The moon should become the brightest at 15:53 hrs; but it will be hard to see it during the day. However, if the evening is not too cloudy, with a bit of luck we should have a chance to see it!

According to JOE, It is expected to be the brightest moon of its kind until 2026. You really should not miss it…

Here is what we should expect…

Dublin Market Is Doing Free Home Delivery

Blackrock Market is doing free home delivery.

Free Meals To Doctors And Nurses Treating Coronavirus Patients In The Vintage Kitchen

A selfless and generous offer for people treating Coronavirus.

Due to COVID19 we have closed all services until further notice