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Bunsen Burger Makes Top 10 Best Burgers In Europe

Coming to Dublin? Try it’s best burger!

Nothing beats a good burger and it’s often one of the first things we reach for when arriving in a new city – because of both its reliability and pure deliciousness.

Big 7 Travel has released its ‘50 Best Burgers In Europe 2020’ list and for the second year running, Dublin’s Bunsen Burger has been ranked in the seventh position.

According to the ranking, locals are obsessed with this chain and it’s not hard to see why. Bunsen makes their own buns, grind the beef and keep things remarkably simple with a small menu. Their shakes are an added bonus

Impressively, Bunsen is not the only Irish burger featured in Big 7’s list. The Wowburger came in 38th spot.

Bunsen currently has six locations in Dublin, namely South Anne Street, Ranelagh, Temple Bar, Wexford Street, Dame Street and the recently-opened branch on Baggot Street. As well as that, they also have spots in Cork, Belfast and even Barcelona.

What are the top three burgers in Europe? Number one went to mouth-watering restaurant Burger and Beyond in London, number two to Gasoline Grill in Copenhagen. You can taste the third best burger in Dish located in Prague.

You can view Big 7’s full 50 Best Burgers In Europe 2020 list here.


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