An Immersive Street Art Tour Has Come to Dublin - Dublin Visitor Centre

An Immersive Street Art Tour Has Come to Dublin

Add it to the list of things to do while you’re here.

In collaboration with Jameson, several Dublin artists have teamed up and provided an experience that will no doubt whet the appetite of art and culture lovers alike in our famous little city.

Typically, the average person would walk by street art and not give it so much as a second thought – they would appreciate it, but not really know any backstory. This tour is going to change this way of thinking.



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The City Speaks is Dublin’s inaugural immersive podcast street art tour. Put on your earphones, listen to the podcast and become more informed than ever before on the subject of Dublin street art. A new way to explore an old town, The City Speaks is something that will (hopefully) reinvigorate Dublin’s art scene.

So how does it work?

The podcast contains a series of seven episodes which each contain an interesting insight into each piece of art respectively, explained by the artists themselves. They not only comment and offer their thoughts on their individual works, but also chat about what it’s like to be a street artist in Dublin in 2020.



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The seven episodes are centred around locations around Smithfield and the Dublin 7 area.

Once you’ve visited the several locations, you will arrive at Jameson Distillery on Bow Street, and admire the mural by the artist Hephee. If all of that immersion in Dublin art has made you thirsty, then you can enjoy a pint at JJ’s Bar in the distillery.

Any excuse to get a pint is a good one, really.

Check out The City Speaks podcast here, on SoundCloud.

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