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According To Met Éireann, The Sunshine Is Almost Upon Us

Well, ok, we might be exaggerating slightly.

After a February dominated by storms, March has gotten off to a chilly start to say the least – and the next few days are set to continue that trend of miserable Irish weather.

Met Éireann is predicting lows of -3°C tonight with widespread frost and ice forming across the country. Thursday won’t be much better with highs of five to eight degrees during the day, plummeting to temperatures as cold as -2°C at night

As usual, wintry showers are to be expected, as well as ice on the ground. Be careful on said ice or you’ll end up like this guy.



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Any opportunity I get to use that iconic picture, I will gladly take it.

Friday night will also see lows of zero, which isn’t exactly amazing, but the saying ‘beggars can’t be choosers’ comes to mind when thinking about how awful Irish weather has been recently.

However, things are expected to improve somewhat on Saturday, when according to Met Éireann, ‘fresh to strong’ southerly winds will lead to a warmer temperature of approximately 10 – 13 degrees.



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Despite persistent rain throughout the day, it will be will clear by the evening. Sunny spells are also being forecast for Sunday.

Not quite time to get the shorts and sun cream out yet, but this weekend promises to be a welcome respite at least.

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