A Sustainable International Women's Day Event Is On In Dublin - Dublin Visitor Centre

A Sustainable International Women’s Day Event Is On In Dublin

Fast fashion is in trend.

There’s been a lot of talk about how to deal with fast fashion in the build up to this year’s International Women’s Day.

A massive culprit for pollution, waste, and exploitation in the world, the industry’s actions have resulted in a generous response from campaigners, individuals, and groups all asking the same pivotal question: where do we go from here?

However, Sustainable Fashion Dublin’s latest event isn’t solely about the bleak future of fashion and how it needs to be fixed right now – it’s about the future of womanhood in Ireland in general.



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The event will be held in Dublin’s The Tara Building this Sunday March 8, where the Sisters Are Doing It For The Future event will feature a number of influential and inspiring Irish women. They will be in conversation about all things creative, diverse, and of course the most relevant subject, ethical fashion.

A panel discussion will tackle the latter, as Heather Barnes (Consultant at The Ethical Fashion Initiative), Rosemarie Kamana (Artist & Sustainable Fashion Designer) and CarrieAnn Moran (Sustainability Manager at NCBI Retail) join Geraldine Carton and Taz Kelleher to chat about the multitude of ways of which the fashion industry affects women.

Approximately 80 percent of workers in garment factories are female. Many of these female workers are not paid a living wage.



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The clothes they make under these unacceptable conditions are then sold here in the west, through marketing campaigns which highlight the insecurities of a predominantly female audience, leading them to buy more clothes.

The event will also feature other forms of entertainment including comedy, spoken word poetry, and music from performers including Molly Sterling (who represented Ireland during Eurovision 2015), Emma Doran and Fionnuala Jones, as well as treats from Nutshed and cocktails from Roe & Co.

Not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

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