Non-alcoholic bar in Dublin - Caple Street - Dublin Visitor Centre

Non-alcoholic bar in Dublin

The first non-alcoholic bar in Ireland

On the 10th of May, the first non-alcoholic bar opened in Dublin. It was also the first of Ireland, breaking news for mocktails lovers everywhere.

Since it is open a few months, we think it is is time to talk about it!

This bar is a great location to have a drink with all your friends, especially the ones who don’t drink alcohol and are fed up with the day to day pub scene.

The Virigin Mary Bar is situated in Capel Street, near the Jervis Shopping Centre.

Even if it is a non-alcoholic bar, it doesn’t mean that you only can find some Coke and orange juice. On the contrary! Plenty of drinks are available: non-alcoholic cocktails, beers and wines, endless amounts of choice!

The bar owes its name to the famous cocktail “The Virgin Mary” as you probably guessed.



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