A new pedestrian area planned in Dublin's City Centre - Dublin Visitor Centre

A new pedestrian area planned in Dublin’s City Centre

A new plaza might become a pedestrian area in Dublin!

Following the refusal of the pedestrian area project in College Green area, with the Council announcing two new pedestrian projects in Dublin. With the main objective to reduce the carbon footprint in Dublin’s city centre.

If you remeber back to last week, we learned that the Dublin City Council was discussing a traffic-free trial this summer in College Green.

Since then they are talking about plans to develop a new pedestrian plaza on the north side of the city. This project should concern the entire lengths of Liffey Street Lower and Liffey Street Upper.


Dublin City Council, said its target is “to bring forward and implement a proposal that improves the quality and experience of the public realm for the local community, business and visitors to the area while effectively dealing with all the challenges that are associated with a complex public realm refurbishment project.”

If this project is accepted, the construction of the Lower Liffey Street will begin this autumn. It plans to be finished by spring 2020.


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