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How To Keep Kids Entertained When Stuck Inside This Christmas

School Christmas break sorted!

Getting stuck indoors with your school-aged kids can be quite the challenge, especially during the cold winter days. You can’t leave them to their own devices, and it sure takes a lot of effort to keep them entertained, not to mention if you’re trying to sneak in a little education. So what can you do?

When you’re trying to entertain your little ones or sneak in a bit of playful learning, there’s an abundance of things you can do even if you’re stuck indoors. Your kids can still get their energy out, and learning doesn’t have to stop. And it doesn’t mean your kids have to use electronics all day. Here are a few ideas.

Option 1 – Quiet Time

If you’re looking for a quiet activity to engage in with your kids, reading a book to or with them is a great place to start. It’s a calm activity that furthers their reading and comprehension skills. They also can learn about different ideas and cultures, expanding their understanding of themselves and others.

Arts and crafts are another idea. The OT Toolbox explains activities like coloring are both entertaining and educational, helping to instill fine-motor skills, spatial awareness, and sensory understanding. This is a great time to paint, make that homemade gift for grandma, or create a memory piece for the house.

Another option that’s just as effective is to play a board game or card game. These teach turn-taking, problem-solving, listening skills, and more.


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Option 2 – Hands-On Fun

For a middle-energy activity that’s educational and hands-on, try cooking or baking with your kids. They’ll learn listening skills, cooperation, math skills, reading comprehension, and more. They’ll also have a yummy treat while learning an essential life skill.

Or take a note from those quieter crafts you did earlier and step it up a notch by crafting something even crazier. Building toys inspires creativity and teaches engineering skills, while the hands-on activity keeps them thinking about space, colors, and structure.


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Option 3 – Physical Ideas

Your kids will likely get a bit restless during the day. Being stuck inside can make them antsy. Give them some ways to get out their excess energy. WhatMomsLove suggests adding physical games to their rainy-day fun. Simon Says, Hopscotch, and other games will keep them learning and releasing that pent-up energy. Not only are they getting some problem-solving and rule-following in, but they’ll also have a ton to laugh about, too.

Option 4 – Technology Time

Let’s face it. No matter how hard you try, your kids will end up on their devices at some point. You can let that happen guilt-free, too, because there’s a lot of educational apps available.

Even when kids are playing video games, they’re still learning on some level. Things like eye-hand coordination, taking turns, and problem-solving all come to mind. This activity also gives you a break because you don’t have to sit next to them to supervise a craft or game.

There are other screen-oriented options as well. Have them read an e-book, solve a puzzle, or work on a coloring app. They’ll relish the screen time and won’t even realize they’re learning.

If you don’t already have a case to protect your tablet or phone, remember that they are key to maintaining the life of your device. Protect it with a case that’s drop-proof, slobber-proof, waterproof, and that still allows for ease of use and the ability to operate the touchscreen.

Inclement weather can throw a kink into your plans. Thankfully, you have some great options. Do some things that entertain your kids and keep them learning and growing at the same time during this festive season spend at home!


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