Anniversary of the Republic

Anniversary of the Republic

70th Anniversary of Ireland becoming a Republic

Some people think that Ireland became a republic in 1916 following the  ill-fated Easter Rebellion … they are wrong. Ireland did not leave the Commonwealth until the 18th of April 1949. Unofficial sources, indeed political folklore states that the Irish President of the day John A Costello got inebriated at a Canadian dinner and announced Ireland’s imminent intention to cut the final sovereign tie with the UK. In  truth, from the 1916 Rebellion and Proclamation, it was highly likely that Ireland was always going to leave the Commonwealth

On the 18th of April, jubilant crowds swarmed Dublin City when the much anticipated Irish Republic was officially declared. King George graciously sent best wishes. In true Irish fashion the announcement was made 10 minutes after Midnight. Eager crowds broke through the barriers on Dublin’s O’Connell Bridge delaying the 21 Gun Salute. There was a carnival atmosphere and groups of people with accordians started impromptu open air céilithe (Irish Dances). A major event is planned in 2024 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Ireland becoming a Republic.

Thankfully relations with our closest neighbours are extremely cordial so it was a happy divorce 🙂

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